The TCT network consorts travel agencies and agents who are not part of the IATA organization.

The network’s goal is to provide its members with preferential agreements, advanced technological solutions and a wide range of products that best serve the end-customer.

Preferential agreements

TCT offers its associates the benefits of the preferential agreements and upgraded contracts it has with leading suppliers in the tourism industry. The network’s size and its combined buying power allows it to reach agreements covering many products and services such as vacation packages, charter air tickets, hotels, car rentals, travel insurance and even scheduled air tickets.


TCT highly values forward thinking and innovation, and makes sure its members are provided with the most advanced services. The network gives its members significant technological advantages by offering advanced marketing tools such as booking systems for air tickets, hotels, domestic tourism and more.


TCT aims to keep members fully informed of the latest tourism tendencies in Israel and around the world. This is done by regularly holding focused seminars and professional workshops that discuss the core topics that travel agents deal with on a day-to-day basis: Marketing, sales, customer service and customer retention.

Strategic Consulting

TCT analyzes tendencies and processes occurring in today’s tourism landscape, and can greatly assist you with your strategic planning and business leverage.