• Being connected to Utravel the last five years has resulted in both a dramatic increase in revenue as well as developing innovative products.

    The strong belief that the entire Utravel team stands behind me makes running my agency a far simpler task. Being able to focus on selling & marketing, while Utravel battles with the suppliers in lowering my costs, has made my task far simpler. The savings have been tremendous and often recommend to other independent agencies to join our 'family'.

    In these days of challenges arising from every corner, it's a wonderful feeling being part of such a first class organization.

    Mark Feldman
    Ziontours Jerusalem LTD

  • My company, Sorento Travel, joined Utravel in 2002 and as members we have been very satisfied with the added values we have received.

    As part of its services, Utravel has provided us with answers to the latest technology, and obtained contracts that have allowed us to become one of the leading travel agents in Israel.

    We highly recommend them.

    Linda Manzour
    Sorento Travel LTD

  • After joining TCT, we can wholeheartedly say that the network is operated by a very professional team with much experience in the tourism industry. The network enables us to gain advantages in many areas, and we recommend working with Utravel as they are the strongest company in the industry.

    Stanislav Goncherov
    Margalit D.N.L Tours

  • M.P.T joined the TCT network over a year ago and has since received full support in its business relationships with Israeli tourism companies and suppliers.

    As members we have experienced preferential treatment, reliable service and great prices from all Israeli and international suppliers who have agreements with TCT.

    The team’s professionalism, accommodating service and most importantly – its readiness to respond to any request, gives us the attention and support we need in order to maintain our highly active business.

    Sammer Tafish
    M.P.T Tours